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*Membership Required*
To view any of the layouts within this community you must join first.
Dont remove the credit link.
There is a credit link in each layout. If this link is removed or covered I will put you on the banned list of this community. I work really hard on these layouts, and would like to get credit for what I have made. Not to mention it's stealing!
Questions & Problems
Question are to only be asked in the "Questions" section. If you post a question anywhere else in the community it will be ignored and deleted.
This is not an override help community.
All question concerning overrides that have nothing to do with my layouts will be ignored and deleted. The communities everything_lj and overridehelp are made for that.
I don't do requests often, but will have a request page for people who would like to give me ideas on new layouts.
Follow instructions.
Please read the "Installation Help" page before you ask any questions on installing layouts. Make sure you read them all If you still have questions ask them on the "Questions" page.
Do not comment on my personal journal.
My personal journal is personal, meaning that it has no direct connection to this community except that I own it. Those who break this rule will be banned from Pheonix Running and Anime Styles.
Promoting Anime Styles
I do not require anyone to promote this community, but anyone who wishes to is encouraged to. :)
Editing my layout/styles.
If you only wish to use the code from one of my layouts no credit is required, but if you use any of the graphics please give the community credit in your userinfo.
All of the layouts I provide have the images already linked in the codes. You do not have to upload any of the images yourself. However, by using a free image host, I may not know when an image link is broken. If you come across an image that won’t show up and is most likely caused by a broken link, please let me know and I will fix that immediately.
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